Cherry Ripe Truffles

Cherry ripe truffles

We are in the down hill slide to Christmas day, and the frenzy for some is ramping up. I, surprisingly, have everything under control this year, and am now just enjoying the spirit of Christmas. It’s been a big year for me and looking back at what has changed and what I have achieved has been huge and now reflect with a sigh and some relief.

I am very much a Christmas festive person and have over the years slowly changed from eating all the standard Christmas foods with processed sugar, wheat, dairy to a healthier better way that my body much prefers. The sharing of recipes with social media really is something else and I admire and respect the openness and kindness of everyone who happily and willingly share their recipes.

I would like to share a favourite of ours that I have been making the last few years. We are lucky enough in the Adelaide Hills to have an amazing supply of fresh cherries that taste just delicious, It’s sometimes hard to not just eat them just as they are (but yes I still do), but believe me it is well worth the effort to make these truffles and have had many requests for this recipe.

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