About Natural Therapies

What are natural therapies?

Natural therapies are a form of healthcare that utilise natural techniques and remedies. Many are complementary to conventional medicine – meaning that you can use them alongside your doctor’s recommendations to optimise your results.

The concept behind natural therapies is that modern disease is caused by dysfunction of the body systems, rather than structural flaws. Using natural therapies may:

  • Reduce the load of stressors that can overwhelm and damage the body
  • Improve the body’s defence mechanisms, boosting the body’s natural healing process
  • Provide support to overworked and ailing organs

Natural therapies aim to support the body’s metabolism and innate healing processes.

The philosophy at inSYNC

During your everyday life, you are exposed to different factors that can cause stress on the body. This can be something as not getting enough sleep, a food allergy or intolerance and microbes such as viruses and bacteria. The 21st century lifestyle means that we can’t avoid exposure to phone towers, plastic and pollution.

Over time, your body can become overloaded by these stressors, which can lead to illness. This might be as simple as frequent colds and flu, or it could lead to more complex and chronic conditions. If you don’t address the burden of stress on your body, the body’s natural healing systems may not be able to cope.

The goal of a session at inSYNC is to understand what your body needs, and then help it through the process of healing and restoring balance.

What can Jo help with?

Jo works with clients to help them discover the underlying causes to why you may not be feeling well - rather than focusing solely on the symptoms.

The natural therapies and nutritional counselling on offer at inSYNC have many applications.

It’s important to note that individual results can differ, depending on how overloaded the body is. That’s why inSYNC uses a toolbox of natural therapies – to address the root causes of health issues from different angles and achieve the best outcome.

Every client has their health management plan tailored to their specific needs and goals. Together, we will focus on addressing the root cause of your health concerns and encouraging long-term wellness.


At inSYNC Adelaide, I combine my clinical experience as a bioresonance practitioner with nutritional counselling. This allows me to offer you a more holistic approach to your health concerns.

Initial appointments are 90 minutes. Prior to your first session, you will receive forms to fill out. During the session, we’ll go over your health history, clear any blockages and begin testing.

Follow-up appointments are 60 minutes. During the session, we will continue to address issues that were identified in the first appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a session at inSYNC Adelaide?

Each appointment is tailored to your individual needs. As part of the session, you’ll receive guidance about dietary and lifestyle changes. These modifications are tailored to support your healing journey.

The techniques that we use might look and feel like nothing much is happening at the time, but your body is working hard to heal!

Unsure whether a session at inSYNC is right for your health concerns? Contact me directly for a free confidential conversation.

Does making dietary changes mean that I have to eat boring, bland food all the time?

Not at all! Food can be both nutritious and enjoyable. I love to create and share delicious wholefood recipes over in inSYNC Adelaide’s recipe database.

Do you offer services for children at inSYNC?

Yes. In fact, children respond very well to natural therapies. Often, they will improve quickly, as they have been exposed to fewer stressors and have a lower toxic load.

Is there anything I have to do before or after a session for best results?

It’s best to reduce your caffeine intake on the day of your appointment. I recommend that you increase your water intake on the day of your session and the following day.

How many appointments will I need?

This depends on your current state of health, age and the number of stressors that are identified. The average child will need 4-6 sessions for best results, and the average adult will need 6-10 sessions.

Can I claim my appointment at inSYNC on my private health insurance?

No, private health cover is not available for services offered at inSYNC at this time.

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