The Year I Not So Quietly Turned 50!

2017 – A powerful year of new beginnings – Universal year 1 numerology – spiritual meaning – the year I not so quietly turn 50.

I have been inspired by a friend who spent her 50th year doing fifty new things which included teaching herself to swim and  swimming with dolphins on her birthday, just  a few examples of a huge array of daily new things posted to her facebook page.  Annie excelled, easily exceeding the set task. Thank you for being a great inspiration for my year ahead!

So with this inspiration I decided to set some intentions for my year of turning 50 and started with the thought of perhaps I should also attempt fifty new things this year. My mind started ticking………I always wanted to run the New York Marathon when a memory popped up. A few Easter ago I made a pact with my nephew, that we would both do the NYM.  During the……..yes I’ve got this……..hand shake, Ants and I placed a $1000 bet on it if either of us should chicken out.

I then thought about my life, my business with advising my clients on how to live a healthier life.  I feel am reasonably healthy in my day to day yet I would often falter when I socialize.  There have too often been the f**k it moments with my love of salty chips (hot and crisps) alcohol (just a few wines I may add), soft gooey cheese and I have always loved something sweet after a meal.  I had to take on those things that were not the fun easy things, I had to do the ones that scared me the most.

While I mull this all over in my head I start telling my close family my intentions for the year and in return received a lot of eye rolling and that’s a bit excessive isn’t it mum. I could hear their thoughts loud and clear, oh my god, now what is she going to do. Just when they think all is going easily in our lives I love to move the boundaries and shake life up. I can also just hear my mum saying, cant you just sit down and stop for a minute, Lol, sorry Nola, I’ll do that later. It just wouldn’t be me if I sat and watched the world go by, my spirit and soul needs to be the one running past and not missing out on anything.

So it’s set I’ve now had my last indulgences, from Christmas to New Years Eve I pretty much ate and drank everything I wouldn’t normally to just totally get it all out of my system.  I ate pizza, toast, haighs chocolate freckles (kids xmas presents, sorry kids) and my last champagne and cocktails.  It is also very interesting the emotional rollercoaster that followed me during this time and how I was not my usual confident self.

For my next 12 months I am giving up;

  • Alcohol (kefir and kombucha exempt)
  • Wheat & Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Processed foods
  • Processed sugar
  • I would normally include coffee but I don’t drink it anyway
  • I also plan to attempt to do fifty new things and yes sorry Ants, including running the New York Marathon on the 5th November 2017.

With that all out there now there is no going back, eeeeeeek.

I will be posting regular updates on my journey and would love anyone to join me, to share successes and the tears and would love any input, advice and support along the way.

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