Coconut Yoghurt

Coconut Yoghurt has stepped up to the plate and is becoming a staple in the fridge next to the kale and raw desserts, well, definitely in my fridge anyway. I have become the queen of Coconut Yoghurt making ever since I discovered the amazing recipe and culture starter the makes the process exceptionally simple, easy and yummy. The culture comes from the amazing Kirsty Wirth, a brilliant South Australian woman who has turned hers and her beautiful young children’s lives around. Did you know the bacteria in yoghurts are robust little creatures that can even eat through plastic, yes that means your eating the tub with the yoghurt from store bought brands. By making your own yoghurt you know the correct healing cultures are provided, its clean with no nasties and it’s much cheaper.

I hosted my first real, workshop this weekend just gone and have had a very inspiring and positive response. It scared the pants off me, but I’m hoping I’ll get the hang of it and looking forward to doing more.

The incredible health benefits of including coconut yoghurt and coconut kefir into your food routine is one that I would like to see standard in everyone’s daily life, the culture is high potency and by eating one cup of yoghurt per day equals to one bottle of probiotics.

Our gut is often damaged from things such as medications, antibiotics, preservatives, alcohol and stress is a huge one, and we don’t realise the health warning signs our body is telling us there is an issue until it’s quite bad. It doesn’t always come out as a belly ache and bloating, it can be skin issues, acne, emotional and hormonal imbalance or anxiety and can also lead to more chronic issues.

Your gut is the key foundation of your health and by nourishing your gut and allowing the microbiome to flourish and heal you will absorb nutrients from the food you eat and maintain a healthy immune system.

Along with just eating it, include it with granola and fruit and tastes amazing in a smoothie. Here is my favourite recipe

Strawberry Smoothie

1 Punnet Strawberries preferably organic (mine are frozen, so it makes a thicker consistency)
1 Handful of spinach
Juice from 1 lemon
2 tbsp Coconut Yoghurt
1/2 cup coconut kefir
1 tbsp Pea Protein Powder (I like Theresa Kerr’s Organic), could swap for hemp seeds
Coconut Water

So jump on board and order your cultured starter here and you can join me in OWNING IT and making your own cultured yoghurt and kefir.

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