The Year I Not So Quietly Turned 50!

2017 – A powerful year of new beginnings – Universal year 1 numerology – spiritual meaning – the year I not so quietly turn 50. I have been inspired by a friend who spent her 50th year doing fifty new things which included teaching herself to ...
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Lemon & Poppy Seed Biscuits

This recipe is in the ebook A Nourishing Kitchen By Amy Crawford, one of my first ebooks that I bought and very much worth the buy. These bikkies are just delicious and mourish, full of lemony flavour and everyone loves them. I often make a double ...
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Coconut Yoghurt

Coconut Yoghurt has stepped up to the plate and is becoming a staple in the fridge next to the kale and raw desserts, well, definitely in my fridge anyway. I have become the queen of Coconut Yoghurt making ever since I discovered the amazing recipe ...
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Cherry Ripe Truffles

We are in the down hill slide to Christmas day, and the frenzy for some is ramping up. I, surprisingly, have everything under control this year, and am now just enjoying the spirit of Christmas. It’s been a big year for me and looking back at what ...
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We all need a bit of Inspiration every now and then

I had been thinking of making a few tweeks to my diet for a while and I always work better when I have a challenge behind me. So I thought since starting two weeks ago I thought I should make it official that I have gone PALEO, (yes I know its a huge ...
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Focus on Love & Life

We all need to stop and take a breath……………the turmoil in the world at the moment is certainly creating big energy and emotions in us. It has certainly made me see just how grateful and lucky I am to be where I am in life. For one I am ...
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My Favourite Recipe of the week

Indulging ourselves on treats chocolate and lollies and feeling incredibly guilty after doing this sends the wrong messages to our bodies and mind. If you are going to eat these foods at least enjoy it allowing your body to metabolize it without the ...
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Life Balance Body Balance

The universe is always leading us towards to right thing. People in balance will always do the right thing at the right time. People out of balance will always be in the wrong place. The more we eat in balance and live in balance the more often you ...
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About Jo

Jo has a unique gift and passion for guiding and nurturing her clients to make better life choices to improve their health.

Having discovered Bioresonance to help her turn her own health issues around Jo is determined to increase awareness and success of Bioresonance Therapy.