About Bioresonance Therapy

What is bioresonance therapy?

Bioresonance therapy is an energy-based therapy that has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some say it’s the 21st century version of acupuncture! Much like acupuncture, it uses energy meridians, or energy channels, to restore balance in the body.

How does bioresonance therapy work?

During your everyday life, you are exposed to different factors that can cause stress on the body. This can be something as not getting enough sleep, a food allergy or intolerance and microbes such as viruses and bacteria. The 21st century lifestyle means that we can’t avoid exposure to phone towers, plastic and pollution.

Over time, your body can become overloaded by these stressors, which can lead to illness. This might be as simple as frequent colds and flus, or it could lead to more complex and chronic conditions. If you don’t address the burden of stress on your body, the body’s natural healing systems may not be able to cope.

The goal of bioresonance therapy is to understand what your body needs, and then help it through the process of healing and restoring balance. Every substance has an energy or frequency pattern -including humans. Bioresonance therapy picks up on the body’s own frequency, and addresses any frequencies that might be causing physical stress for the body.

What can bioresonance therapy help with?

Bioresonance therapy has many applications, including pain reduction, muscle relaxation, stress reduction and even reduction of allergic reactions. People have also reported improvements in symptoms such as digestive complaints and skin conditions.

Results can differ, depending on how overloaded the body is and whether there are other changes that need to be made. This is why inSYNC combines nutritional counselling with bioresonance therapy – to address the root causes of health issues from different angles and achieve the best outcome.

Every client has their bioresonance therapy treatments tailored to their specific needs and goals. Together, we will focus on addressing the root cause of your health concerns and encouraging long-term wellness.

What happens during a bioresonance therapy session?

During your consultation, you’ll receive guidance about dietary and lifestyle changes that will support you through your healing journey.

Making changes to your diet doesn’t have to mean bland, tasteless meals. I also offer plenty of delicious recipes that contain nutritious wholefoods – check out the recipe database here.

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