I have been having Bioresonance Treatments with inSYNC  for the last 8 months.  I suffered from chronic monthly Urinary Tract Infections, bloating, digestive problems, hair loss, water and weight retention.

The treatment and advice I have received from Joanne have turned my life around.  I have not had a Urinary Tract infection for about 6 months.  I have stopped losing my hair, my digestion and bloating has improved and I have increased energy.  I have now lost  7 Kg and counting.

Thank you Jo for all the help and advice you given me.

I would highly recommend Bioresonance Therapy to anybody.


Jasmine Potts

We have bought our two youngest children to Jo for treatment after an emotionally stressful time in our family after the quite sudden death of my father.

The kids went from being kids who rarely get sick (and if they do, get over it in a day or so) to being completely run down and unwell for weeks at a time.  We saw a marked and rapid change in both of them after their treatments with Jo, which we are thankful for. Normally good food, water, rest and supplements would have got them well but not this time.  The bioresonance therapy was the thing that did the trick for both of them to get well.

I would highly recommend Jo, she is a very caring person and very professionaly in her approach.  We are thankful we have found her and will continue to see her for our families needs.

Jasmine Potts


1st  Consult…..and after 35years of smoking I stopped. Amazing. Yes I felt a little lost after meals with my coffee something was missing, just a puff, it couldnt hurt, could it?  Well it was horrid, I felt sick. That was enough to put me right off. Mind you , after leaving Jo’s, I did not think of having a cigarette which was so surprising because the1st thing I usually did was to light up once I was driving.

That was 8 months ago and I still havent been tempted or bothered by others smoking.

The best bit is Ive been able to buy a  split system air con, dishwasher plus dryer with the money I have saved.  What next???.

Thanks so much Jo, I really appreciate the time I spent with you and HIGHLY reccomend other smokers to give it a go.

Helen Cochrane


Having just recovered from my third case of glandular fever, it was revealed that I was also suffering from Lymes Disease. Unfortunately, there were no real mainstream solutions for me and I was really struggling with my day to day living.

I can honestly say after meeting Joanne and receiving her Bioresonance treatments that my life has completely turned around. Jo’s caring yet professional nature, combined with her vast knowledge of the body allowed her to quickly identify areas that were out of balance and correct them. In a very short time I was no longer suffering the major symptoms of the illness that I previously had been. Thanks to Jo, I am now able to not only tackle life again but to say Bring It On!

I would highly recommend Jo’s skills as a practitioner for any issue you may be experiencing.

Nayda Fitzgerald


After feeling concerned and noticing the effects in behaviour of certain foods and medications in my kids’ diets, the experience of taking both my sons, aged 3 and 5, to Jo was wonderful. My boys were immediately relaxed and happy to sit and let Jo work with them. Jo has the most caring, calming and supportive nature and a clear genuine desire to her help clients to better their health.

After Jo’s treatments, I observed positive changes in both my sons behaviour; they became calmer, happier and are more controlled. I also left better informed and educated as to what foods and substances triggered sensitivities, so I feel empowered to keep my kids feeling their best!

My family will now see Jo after having any sort of anaesthetics or medication to neutralize the harsh effects on our bodies and health.

I would highly recommend Jo at inSYNC to anyone looking for better health and happiness!

Claire Mathews


I came to see Jo at age 42 years after trying to get pregnant for the last 8 months. I had one session of Bioresonance with Jo and that night (day 10 of my cycle) gave the BD a whirl with my husband. We didn’t try again that month as my husband had started to second guess going for a third child. I didn’t think I had any chance of becoming pregnant because I normally ovulate on day 15-16 and I was sure the sperm would last that long. Well, my son Charlie had other ideas and he was born 36 weeks later and is healthy and gorgeous. My husband is now really chuffed and so am I. Thanks Jo for your help!