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Quit Smoking and start detoxing those nasty chemicals and toxins after your first 90 minute session 



Welcome to the health specialists that will help you to stop smoking and start living a better healthier you.


Using our advanced and unique techniques that enable your body to stop cravings and improve the efficiency to detox the chemicals, metals and toxins built up after years of smoking, will have you living the healthier life you are looking for faster.


We are passionate in helping you to become the best person you can be.  Call Jo on 0404128467 to book in and change the direction of your health today.


1st  Consult…..and after 35years of smoking I stopped. Amazing. Yes I felt a little lost after meals with my coffee something was missing, just a puff, it couldnt hurt, could it?  Well it was horrid, I felt sick. That was enough to put me right off. Mind you , after leaving Jo’s, I did not think of having a cigarette which was so surprising because the1st thing I usually did was to light up once I was driving.

That was 8 months ago and I still havent been tempted or bothered by others smoking.

The best bit is Ive been able to buy a  split system air con, dishwasher plus dryer with the money I have saved.  What next???.

Thanks so much Jo, I really appreciate the time I spent with you and HIGHLY reccomend other smokers to give it a go.

Helen Cochrane

Why Choose us?

It’s easy

We can start your body detoxing to eliminate the toxins from your system.

Stop smoking after the first 90 minute session

Get expert help on how to make lifestyle and food choices from a certified health coach.

Treatment is individualised to each person.

Treatments are guaranteed, if you start smoking again after your third session, we offer a follow up session for free.

Advise on how to make changes and not to gain weight after treatment.  Helping you to swap bad habits for good.



Cigarettes contain some 4000 chemicals all of which can damage tissues in many organs including the digestive system, hormonal system, respiratory system the heart and urinary system.  Cigarettes are come of the most addictive drugs you can take – and quitting smoking can be difficult.

There are options where you continue to add nicotine into your body through patches or gum, but there are also natural options that are safe, healthy and that deal with the underlying physical and emotional triggers for your smoking.

If you want to give up smoking this is the program for you. This decision could save your life, your health, your appearance, your fitness levels, your surroundings and not least your wallet and you will see that it’s all worth it.

inSYNC offers a simple stop smoking program, where we will help you to eliminate your physiological cravings for cigarettes.  This alternative therapy is non-invasive, non chemical and does not involve hypnotherapy- yet is extremely effective.

Bioresonance will help to  alleviate some of the withdrawal symptons and assist the body to detoxify the nicotine and toxins faster.

Our quit smoking program involves just one simple two hour session, with two follow up treatments. That’s it!  The alternative medicine process we use is easy and gentle, with our clients reporting high success rate at quitting smoking and staying a non-smoker after the treatment.

  • Treatments are non-invasive and relaxing.

  • Be prepared to undergo three Bioresonance Treatments.

  • Detoxing the body of nicotine and toxins to improve your health and life faster.
  • Drink at least two litres of water a day to help eliminate the nicotine and toxins.

  • Eat predominantley whole good foods to maintain a stable blood-sugar level.


Experience has shown that there are people who after the first session no longer have any urge to smoke. Not everyone reacts this way, some people find it is just the habit of having a cigarette they need to change.  We can help you to choose healthy alternatives.

Stop smoking program allow 2 hours

Follow up programs allow 1 hour

Make the decision to change your life, and remember prevention is better than cure.