Health Coaching


No longer do we diet, we will help you to work out the best food for your body to free your mind, fuel your body and feed your soul.

Holistic Health Coaching helps you be the best person you can be.

  • Give yourself permission to grow and change
  • Transform your day to day existence
  • Increase your energy and vitality
  • Inspire to lose weight
  • Get the results and achieve your goals
  • Simplified and uncomplicated

We guide you to make better food choices and life choices and learn to enjoy life and love the person you are.

By helping you with clean and healthy food ideas, that are simplified and uncomplicated you will get the results and acheive your goals.


It’s all about YOUR culture, lifestyle, food choices and current state of health.  Bioindividuality is how we make the changes to suit YOU.

You will feel healthier, happier, have increased energy, be more confident AND just as importantly you will not be relying on the constant cravings to keep you going throughout the day.

Make the decision to change today and call us.  By combining bioresonance and health coaching we can start you on your new path with an abundance of fearlessness and confidence to make the changes necessary for – YOU – with kindness, guidance and respect.

Food nurtures the mind and the mind makes the choices of our foods