Focus on Love & Life

We all need to stop and take a breath……………the turmoil in the world at the moment is certainly creating big energy and emotions in us. It has certainly made me see just how grateful and lucky I am to be where I am in life. For one I am incredibly lucky to be living in Australia, able to make choices for myself. To be able to choose what I eat and have access to organic produce and good clean water. We all make choices in life which then makes us what we are. Here are a few of my lifestyle basics I like to abide by:

  • be grateful
  • give generously of yourself
  • appreciate what you have
  • sense of honour
  • quiet time
  • exercise
  • sleep
  • everything is food
  • dry skin brushing
  • reduce chemicals
  • natural toothpaste & deodorant
  • LOVE
  • be tidy
  • drink good clean water
  • chew food longer
  • make peace with the people around you
  • calm yourself and take a moment before you eat
  • eat seasonally and locally
  • question everything
  • be responsible



                                                                                                           geneen roth

So stop today, Smile and Love yourself and others, we would be a kinder and happier society if we all focused on love and happiness, reduced our stress and drop our fears.