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Bioresonance therapy for Autism

Does your child or someone in your family have autism? Bioresonance therapy can be highly effective for those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Often a therapy of last resort for those with autism, bioresonance therapy can help to detoxify, calm, and bring balance back to the body. Through bioresonance, you will discover the substances and foods that are contributing to stressful behaviours so you and you family member can feel more at ease.

How does it work?

Bioresonance therapy uses energy information to understand what your body needs. It then helps to restore your body’s ability to regulate itself more effectively.

It does this by using your body’s own frequencies. If you remember your high school science class, you will remember that all matter is really condensed energy. This includes your body, all viruses and bacteria, as well as chemicals and substances.

Every substance has its own frequency pattern, and these patterns are what the machine picks up. Once we know your particular patterns, we will support the ones you need and help to remove the patterns that are causing you problems. You can learn more about it here.

It’s when we get a build-up of energy patterns that our bodies can’t deal with any more that we get sick. How that illness expresses itself varies from person to person. In those with Autism, it may express itself as behavioural problems, a lack of ‘ease’, a lack of focus, an inability to follow simple instructions, and even an inability to relate to others.

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How long will it be until I see results?

Every person is different, and how each person reacts to the ways their bodies interact with illnesses varies.

Most people report feeling different within 24 hours of a session. However, because Autism is such a systemic issue, it may take up to 10 sessions in extreme cases before seeing noticeable results.

Is this the only kind of problem that bioresonance therapy can solve?

No. In fact, because bioresonance therapy is biophysical, and works deep within your body’s energy patterns, it can achieve great outcomes in issues ranging from anxiety to sprained ankles.

When you work with a bioresonance therapist, you will experience longer periods of wellness. It takes care of your health, not your sickness.

We know that every substance, virus and bacteria has its own energy pattern. We also know that during our everyday lives, we are exposed to a number of things that cause physical stress. These can be as simple as not enough sleep, as common as a food allergy, or as complex as a 21st-century lifestyle surrounded by chemicals, mobile phone towers, and plastics.

If your body becomes overloaded, unable to deal with whatever its particular stress is, you will get sick. With bioresonance therapy, your therapist will work with your specific energy patterns to help remove the stressors that are making you unwell. Supporting this therapy, Jo guide you through other changes in your life that you can make to ensure your wellness continues.

This is why each patient’s bioresonance therapy is tailored to their needs.

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