A healthy outside starts from the inside...
Robert Urich

About inSYNC

InSYNC Adelaide began after Jo Garner had faced and solved her own significant health challenges. Here is her story.

Over a period of years, Jo’s body had grown intolerant of a number of foods. To get around the problem, she started simply avoiding them. Slowly more and more foods found their way on to the ‘do not eat’ list, until it became a running joke. ‘Is there anything that mum CAN eat?’ they’d laugh, sitting down to dinner.

At the same time, Jo found herself getting tireder… and tireder. She needed to take naps in the afternoons, just so she could function properly. She never felt that she was getting enough rest, or that she was ever her usual bright and sparkly self.

One Saturday as she lay in bed resting, her son came in and hung around the doorway.

‘Mum?’ he tried.

Jo blinked an eye open and looked at him.

He went on. ‘You’re always sleeping.’

As Jo looked at her beautiful boy hanging back from her, it dawned on her that he was right. Somehow - she hadn’t quite noticed how - she was always sleeping. It occurred to her that this wasn’t normal, that it shouldn’t be normal.

Not long after this realisation, a rash broke out all over Jo’s face. Staring at her blotchy red face in the mirror, she thought to herself, ‘Wow. I really do have to face this now, don’t I.’

The trouble was, she didn’t quite know what to do - and after doing the usual rounds of health providers with no improvement, nobody else knew either.

Not long after this, in conversation with a friend whose only salvation had been bioresonance therapy, he suggested to that she give it a go.

‘Go on, Jo. What have you got to lose?’

Nothing, she thought. Not much except tiredness, no foods and a blotchy face!

Bioresonance therapy was the only thing that worked. It helped Jo’s body to heal itself rapidly. She rediscovered the foods she loved, and stopped needing daily naps!

After she had recovered, and was well on her way to wellness, she was given the opportunity to train as a therapist.

Now, many years later, Jo is a qualified and talented bioresonance therapist, helping others to rediscover their own wellness. She trained and ran the New York City Marathon in 2017, which is the largest marathon in the world; something that sleepy Jo would never have dreamed of doing in a million years.

To find out what bioresonance therapy can do for you, book an appointment now.

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